Party Dresses at Lipsy for Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan at Lipsy

On a recent whistle stop trip to the UK, Means Girls star Lindsay Lohan found some VIP time to go down to Lipsy in London to have a private viewing.

She’s obviously decided to join the queue of celebs getting in on the act and flocking to the popular London Fashion brand in their droves.

You can see Lindsay above having bagged some dresses for herself, but we a Party dresses actually think she looks so cool here on shopping spree, so below we’ve a couple of suggestions on how you can get her look from Lipsy.

Get Lindsay’s look from Lipsy

lipsy_biker Lipsy Leggings Lipsy Top
Lipsy Leggings Lipsy Top Lipsy Biker Jacket

She happened to come by a nice Black Body Con dress and a feathered Party Dresses from Lipsy’s VIP selection which set her back a total of £260, not a patch on the other celebs who don’t blink an eye at spending a couple of grand!

Lindsay is on a European tour with Girlfriend DJ Sam Ronson, and is staying in London with Rocker Brian Adams.

Whilst out shopping Lindsay sought the delights of Marks and Spencer, Somerfield (yes, the grocery store) and other shops on London’s Kings Road.

Lipsy is growing it’s brand since it was acquired by Next late last year, and has embarked on a shop opening programme as well throughout the UK. But you don’t need to wait for a shop to open, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.