Maxi Dress Mania

The trend for maxi dresses has been bubbling under the surface for a number of seasons now but this season it seems to have really gone full throttle. Perhaps it is because of the beautiful hot summer that we are having, perhaps it is because so many celebrities have been wearing them and showing us just how amazing they can look or perhaps we are just catching on to what a great style of women’s dress they are. If you go out this summer, you are bound to see countless girls working their maxi dresses to the maximum with strappy sandals, wedge heels and plenty of accessories. There is definitely a case of maxi dress mania this summer with a whole range of styles available from pretty florals to bold tribal prints, classic neutrals and the latest way to wear the maxi dress in jersey. Maxi dresses also make great party dresses with the addition of some great heels, a clutch bag and some sparkly jewellery. You can achieve a range of party looks from casual glamour to elegant chic, really dressy and even formal or black tie.

You may have thought to yourself that you can’t wear maxi dresses (a common misconception) but there really is a maxi dress for everyone and all you need to do is make sure that you find the right one. Maxi dresses are particularly good for ladies who prefer to keep their stomach or hips, thighs and legs covered up. They create a smooth and elegant silhouette without showing too much of what is underneath, yet they are fitted at the top giving some shape allowing you to show off the narrowest part of your torso which is often just under the bust. For those that do have a great waist that they would like to show off this can be achieved by adding a belt or wearing a jersey t shirt style maxi dress. Those with a bigger bust may struggle with the strappy nature of most maxi dresses but their are two possible routes that you can take. You can look for a maxi dress with short sleeves or you can layer a vest top underneath. For  gorgeous look for your party dress you could even look for a sparkly or lacy vests top to wear underneath.

Some people avoid maxi dresses because they do not like to show off their arms but there are maxi dresses with sleeves available and you could also add a cropped cardigan, shrug or bolero which will not affect the line and flow of your maxi dress. Maxi dresses can be slightly tricky for petite ladies, but don’t avoid them all together. Look for maxi dresses in petite ranges to ensure that the skirts are not too long and trip you up. You should also look for dresses with skirts that are not too full as these can be a little over powering for short people. Plain colours or small scale prints will also look best on petite ladies. If you are tall you can pretty much take your pick of maxi dresses styles although you may want to shop around to ensure that it is long enough for maximum glamour.

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Ethnic Maxi Dress from Little Mistress Flower Maxi Dress Tropical Floral Maxi Dress
Ethnic Maxi Dress Flower Maxi Dress Vintage Lace Maxi Dress Tropical Floral Maxi Dress

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