The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress have become somewhat of a phenomenon over the recent past. While the vast majority of the population had resigned theirs to the memory of the 1970’s together with Margo & Gerry, The Good Life and cheese fondue sets, and nylon Party Dresses (that will make sense if you’re over a certain age), there were those who from the depth of the wardrobe believed that they would live again.

Just like a bad hammer horror movie and I can speak as a person of a certain age who remembers, ahem! you resign stuff to your distance memory, things such as heated rollers, bondage trousers, rah rah skirts and you might include maxi dresses in that list. You put them down to experience, and after a bottle or two of wine you reminisce with friends about how, when you when were younger you wore this or that, get the photo album out (what’s that I hear you say?) and laugh at how bad you looked in “that dress!”, but sigh at how thin you were in your salad days!

Like almost everything that’s gone before, it has a terrible habit of always coming back around again. Re-introduced by people who don’t know any better and weren’t around to experience the trend happening first time around.

But just like the 70’s all over again, the hem lines have lengthened and the bohemian style maxi dress was born yet again. Though what looked like a fleeting trend a couple of years back has now become main stream and while not necessarily here to stay, the leg hiding ensemble is currently a staple of many a girls wardrobe and is likely to stay that way for a little while yet.

Whilst last year it might have been a talking point that someone wearing a maxi dress making a particular effort to go that extra mile, this year everyone actually discovered the secret of the maxi dress is that it looks great, without having to try too much, the fake tan can go that little bit further knowing you don’t have to waste it on your legs for example.

Regardless of what you think, the maxi dress will be here for a little while longer yet, but you will see over the autumn and winter Maxi Party Dressesthat embellishments will develop, the smart money suggests the silhouette developing to show more of the waste with a belt of cinched wastes.

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